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14 November 2011

Wonder Pounces

When you stop; wonder pounces.
Wonder teases the boy about his manly reflection.
Schoolyard tickles about grey whiskers and his glutinous paunch.

Wonder pounces and marvel's men at their mountains.

How did I get this far up a MOUNTAIN??!!??
How will I reach the top??!!??
Can I get down if I want to??!!??
... I hope everyone is gonna be OK

Wonder nods with a comforting smirk and a friendly wink.

Wonder sing songs to climbers who just don't know better.
Well maybe they do...
but who can remember what you learned in Boy Scouts when there is hungry cargo in your pack.

Some call wonder a bully.
But wonder is nothing of the sort.
Wonder just show slides of yesterday and paints pictures of tomorrow.
Every Picture tells a story... but put 'em together and WHOA.

   /ˈwʌndər/ [wuhn-der]
To be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe

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