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20 January 2012

Things I have to bite my tongue not to comment on Facebook about

Teenagers making sexual statements - Sometimes I want to respond equally inappropriately just to freak them out and show them how HORRIBLE it sounds out loud in social media world. It's like they think others can't see them?

Every Union "the city is going to hell" ad - Didn't work for bad 70's-90's Evangelism and it doesn't work now. Last night I got riled up and started to craft something brilliant saying, "Oh people will will hate this one..." when my wife said, "David. Stop. Not tonight"

Kids who used to be in my youth group running blatantly from God - "Getting drunk tonight! Who's in?" The number of times I've had to erase comments.... some good ones too. I once NEARLY wrote, "I'll bring the weed" For obvious reasons... I did not write this :)

Invites to Multi-Level Marketing scam parties - Last week on Twitter I cracked and wrote:

Psychobabble quotes - I'm guilty of it too. But my inner Gen Xer wants to punch myself when I do it. I almost always want to respond with fictitious response like "Leadership and belief and faith when mixed with positive friendship is worth it's smiley weight in positive, leading attitude feelings" Then I'd sign it CS Lewis just to anger people.

Personal attack posts - I desperately want to give a social and relational etiquette lecture. But then I'd have to give myself a lecture too for the lecture. That would get weird.

Text Speak - Cus I hate it.

What are the things you have to bite your tongue not to comment about on Facebook and Twitter?


Jay Smale said...

This has come at a crucial time David, often I find myself writing
something, even to friends and then later thinking maybe I just should not have made that comment.

I think we're all still learning social etiquette in different ways.

David Wierzbicki said...

Sometimes I win this battle and sometimes I don't. I regret to think about how I commented 10 years ago.

And as in every possible situation, here it is appropriate to link to XKCD :)


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