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3 February 2012

Frosty Fest 2012 ... and here's why.

I'm thrilled to let know that on Family Day weekend (Feb 18-20) Freedom House has partnered again with the City of Brantford to bring you Frosty Fest... Brantford's Winter Carnival.

That's me in the leotard. Surprise.

We invented Frosty Fest because our city needed it. Years ago... we began to seek out our public officials who serve our city to ask how we could serve them to help make our city a better place. That began a relationship with, among others, the Parks & Recreation Department that has led to numerous partnerships to help create an optimal, positive, community atmosphere in our downtown public square Harmony Square.

Together we realized that there was a big hole when it came to public winter community gatherings. The city asked us if we knew how to throw a winter carnival... and we, with gooey happy petrified eyes... said "OF COURSE WE CAN!"

10,0000 come through Frosty Fest each season. You can find all the details HERE but it's free admission and the party includes Figure Skating shows, free skating, ice carvers, horse-drawn trolly rides, pony rides, a full midway, professional snowboarding demos, a pancake breakfast, snow taffy and winter sweets, free kids games... and a GIANT Red Superhero leading "how to" Random Act of Kindness Blitzes throughout the downtown. For three days... downtown Brantford is a winter dreamworld. And it's awesome.

Here's a video that a festival patron shot last year:

And the Captain Kindness tour from TWO years ago:

I tweeted this the other day

Frosty Fest is a TON of work. Not every church or group should run a winter carnival... but each should find something that is missing in their community and DO IT. The philosophy behind it is something we ALL need to be in active consideration of. Serving our city has powerful consequences in the right kinda way. This week I had someone wage a Twitter war on me (and Freedom House) intimating that we were a part of some sort of hidden conspiracy! It was fabulous! Because he was kinda right It's a "Conspiracy of Kindness" like my friend and kindness mentor Steve Sjogren's book is entitled. It's a counter-cultural overthrow of the self-centeredness our society is plagued with. The cure to what ails is something that we all have in us to harvest and distribute! It's Kindness. It's saying... "Here you go. This is for you. I see value in you." It's transformational.

"Work for the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have called you because if it prospers, you too will prosper."
Jer 29:7 paraphrased

Why Frosty Fest? Because God cares about cities prospering... because he cares about people prospering... because he cares about people. And so we're throwing a party to show it. Love to have you there.

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