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19 March 2012

So a guy walks into a prayer room and says, "I'm not happy with what I've done this year"

Randy Bohlender from his book "Jesus Killed my Church"

"As I stood to the side of the prayer room, holding my three month old daughter, my back against the wall in more ways than one, I got gut level honest with the Lord. Whispering my confession in prayer, I told Him everything. "I'm not happy with what I've done this year... I'm so disappointed."

In a moment, I heard the Whisper. I've heard it before. I actually think it speaks quite often but I'm usually too busy to take notice. It's not an audible voice, though I'd love it to be. Though technically silent, it echoed within me.

"I know you're not happy with what you've done this year.... but what do you think about what I'VE done?"

The Voice was comfortable with my silence - He had no compulsion to say any more. He had enjoyed a very good year. Babies born. Friendships formed. Vision dropping like stars into our dreams at night.

Then it hit me. We didn't do everything we wanted to this year, but He certainly did everything He wanted. God is always at work, even in our shortcomings. Even in our supposed failures. Our failures (can be) the rich seedbed of opportunity for His greatness to be revealed.

If the hand of God was at work in all things, then I wanted to learn to perceive Him in real time, even when things didn't go as I planned. I wanted to live with a grateful heart, knowing that the summary of my life would not be what I did but rather what He did in my proximity, which I could neither cause nor thwart."

The summary of my life will not be what I do; but rather what God does in my proximity. Lord hear my prayer.

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