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25 June 2012

You See

I was at the conference where this song was recorded and I've thought about it often. Just a phenomenal moment of a shaggy, abandoned man wailing about a concept so transformational... begging for a glimpse of being able to see this world around us as God sees it.

Imagine the revival that would come to our spirits. Imagine. Then pray for it... if you dare.

Such a powerful song.

I see a mountain
You see a miracle
I see a wasteland
You see a garden
I see dry bones
You see an army
I see impossible
You see everything

I see a seed
You see a harvest
I see the water
You see the wine
I see the broken
You see your body
I see my enemy
You see your footstool

You are I am, but I’ve
Been so blind all this time
My God touch me, i want
To see the way that you see

I see my sins
You sin your blood
I see a baby
You see a Savior
I see my failures
You see redemption
I see a beggar
You see a son

I see my father
You see your son
I see a shepherd
You see your lamb
I see my Savior
You see your joy
I see your eyes
Staring at mine

Jonathan David Helser

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