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11 October 2012

2012 so far; as told by Instagram

I love Instagram (search me out... I'm dkcarrol).  I was looking back over the 200ish shots I've Ipod-faked into an aged blip of time, and realized what great year 2012 has been.  I don't think Instagram captures action.  I think it tells stories.

The Meat 

Jared's first Big Mac

Grill fulla gorgeous New York Strips

Mr Pig... mid-roast... rotating... delicious

 The Church

Beautiful horses drawing the trolly around downtown Brantford during Frosty Fest

Our young adults burger-wranglin' during Flippin' Friday at 1am

The first blow through the wall before renovations for the promo video (see the finished video here

My favorite Instagram of my friend Katie during our en masse public baptism  

The Fam

Kid Kindness attempting to fly

Aislin on Fathers Day 

Brianna beaming at her first pet... Beauty the fish.  
It ain't the fish that's beautiful

Ballet dancers in awe

Late Spring fire snuggle

First Day of School

Grand River walk regular stop.  
Don't tell Parks and Rec... but we picked one of the pink ones

My son has a wonderful heart and loves a lot. 

Stray Pirates

The Papers 

I had a dream of a newspaper ad (full story here) and it came to life

My favorite Brant Advocate Article of the year;
complete with an artist interpretation of me the first time I heard Graceland

I framed this newspaper and hung it in my living room.
Most amazing day of Ministry I've ever experienced. 

The most people who have been downtown at once in my lifetime

The Rest 

Margret is a very special lady we've gotten to know doing street ministry but couldn't find for months.  Then I tracked her down in the hospital... and it was wonderful.

 Still hard to believe that I won a medal (whole story here)

Two minutes before we opened the doors for thousands to enjoy Hockey Night in Brantford (whole story here

The funniest five words my boy has ever written.

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