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7 October 2012

The Medal, The Wife and The Life

I've never experienced a day like Saturday October 6th 2012.  And for a guy who likes to be able to extrapolate life both in word and on page, I've found myself quite without the proper words to describe what it felt like to receive a medal... bearing the name of the Queen of England.  Last month I blogged about my personal journey with our monarchy that I am now proud to represent by the bearing of this "Honor."  I honestly don't know where I'll be able to wear this medal but my "Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Information and Wearing Guide" seems to indicate that there are "With Decoration" parties that I now qualify to attend.  Not sure what we'll do there... but I'll bet it will be awesome!

I was the youngest person on the stage by about 20 years, which was an incredible honor.   My brother, who joined my family and close friends in the Sanderson Centre crowd, joked that I've always wanted to be much older than I am so my dream has finally come true.  "You're with your people Dave" he joked.  But to be honest... I DID love that part! I loved it because I was sitting with war veterans, philanthropists and international-impact missionary heroes of mine. These were respectable men and women of distinction who have guided millions in non-profit funding, carved out minor sports pathways, and are fatherly cultural prophets. 

One verse in the Bible that I've always wanted to BE is found in the middle of the description of the vaunted Proverbs 31 woman. It's a one-off about the husband, in this description of the "Nobel" wifely character. It says:

"Her husband is respected at the city gate,where he takes his seat among the elders of the land."
Proverbs 31:23

From the first time I read it, I knew I wanted to BE that.  But it's interesting that it's found in the middle of the description of what a WIFE should be.  And that speaks to something that both medal presenters MP Phil McColeman and MPP Dave Levac refereed directly to.  The fact that the men and woman sitting on the stage couldn't be there without the support of their families and friends.   This is not just lip service.

If my wife didn't release me to go to countless meetings, sit on porches until the middle of the night plotting and write and write and write... I COULDN'T be who I am.  Actually I COULD do those things.  I just WOULDN'T because my marriage and family are more important than any of it.  So I'd choose to honor her.  But because she knows that she and my kids are the first priority... and because she WANTS me to live Proverbs 31:23, she empowers me to give it my all with my life as I empower/release her to do the same with hers.  But the great part is, that serving the community is not a solo act.  I LOVE that my wife, son and daughters care passionately about serving our community too.  I pray that this medal will be a reminder of it's importance for generations of my family.

More than any other thing, my preeminent thought about this is medal is that it is "as unto the Lord".  Remember in Forrest Gump when Forrest gave Jenny his medal and said that he only got it because he was doing what Jenny told him to do when he left for Vietnam?  That's what this feels like to me.  I'm extraordinarily flattered about it all, but I'm just doing what I fundamentally believe a Christian is supposed to be doing.  I haven't always been like this.  I was a jaded, verbal bully, selfish, Gen Xer who didn't want any part of our society.  Really Really. The difference was because of nothing less than a spiritual rebirth through Christ.  Really Really.  I wouldn't BS you about something this important for the sake of propagating someone else's agenda. When I made that decision, I knew that life HAD to be about OTHERS and anything less than that would be selling the mandate of the Christian short. I'll have no part of such a self-centered and ultimately empty charade. And you shouldn't either. As my fellow recipient and great man of God Cal Bombay wrote after reflecting on the day:

"One day I will receive my reward in the Courts of our Lord, Jesus Christ"

There is so much life to live and to share. 
Cheers my brothers.

If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.
Matthew 10:39

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