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21 November 2012

Poisen Pins between his toes

Making sense of North American Christianity was tough for me when I became serious about it at 19.   Then African Christianity was tough for me to make sense of when I lived there at 21.  THEN making sense of North American Christianity was EVEN TOUGHER when I got home!

This is a picture of Krissy preaching at the tiny rural Frafra church in Ashaiman where we ministered during our time there.  We saw and heard MANY things that were VERY uncommon to North American Christianity.

One story I remembered yesterday for the first time in many years, came from a time praying around the altars with a teenager from this church.  I've done youth ministry in many forms for many years, but no teenager I've ever known here has had to deal with anything CLOSE to this.  This is how I wrote it in my short journal entry May 28th 2000.

"I met Joseph today.  He's 15.  He was prayed for at the altar because he was at school this week and found a pin lodged between his toes. He took it out and then found another in the same spot later on that day.  Albert says that this is something that happens with tribal curses. Someone did something to Joseph. So he was prayed for. Amazing"


When I asked our teachers later, they told us that the local Juju Men (or Voodoo or Witchdoctor or Tribal Priest) will put poison on pins and pray over them to their Gods.  Then they will blow on them, and regardless of how far away the victim is... these pins will find their way into their feet and will make them sick.

After we prayed for Joseph, things changed.  He remained under attack but instead of the pins going INTO this feet, they couldn't enter his body and fell to the ground.  He'd look down in school and see a small pile of poison pins AROUND him... not IN him.  He was protected by the "Blood of Jesus" that we'd prayed over him.

This is not a "wild and crazy" story either.  These are some of the spiritual realities that Christians live with in culture where the spiritual warfare we only conceptually believe... is played out actively in sometimes life and death situations.

There were many lessons that Africa taught me.  But one of the biggest was that the spiritual world, and the struggle that rages for the lives of men, is a real one.  Both HERE and THERE.

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