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29 December 2012

My Christmas gift that "came around"

During the month of the December, "Captain Kindness" and I got to partner with a number of Christmas kindness events.  At one dinner thrown for the families of a Children's Aid project, there was one young guy who reacted... umm... differently than anyone ever had to my big red presence.

He screamed.  AND SCREAMED.

See there is an art to being a debatabley-sane adult male who dresses like a superhero.  When I first started this gig, I burst into every situation cape a flappin' and big voice a boomin'. But kids would often be a little freaked. Then a friend who's one of  those "psychology types" told me that I was fanning out like a peacock who uses his size to intimidate.

So now when I'm around little folk, I get down real low and talk in a soft, warm "hey there darlin'" voice and ask for a small and simple high five.   It almost always works.  Except for this young guy.  Marky was his name.  I tried everything. I gave him a toy and even took my mask off to show him I wasn't actually scary (again debatable).  No dice.

I eventually had to hide in the hallway while the Mom put a jacket over his head to get him into the room long enough to sit on Santa's knee.  PS he screamed at Santa too so it wasn't JUST me :)

Funny thing is... I found out that when Marky got home, he wouldn't stop talking about how much he loved Captain Kindness.  He made a cape.   Got a mask.  Even acted... KINDLY!  His Mom was blown away.

Before Christmas, my wife was hearing the story from the Mom and she mentioned that they had just returned from Marky's appointment at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.  During the visit, the Toronto Maple Leafs popped in to sign autographs and she mentioned, "some guy named Wendel Clark" was there.  My wife casually said, "Oh that's Dave/Captain Kindness's favorite player" and before she knew it, an autographed Wendel Clark picture was headed my way as a thank you.

I loved the picture... but I loved the story more.   Seemed to be one of those "what goes around comes around" things.  Kindness is like that.    You don't do it to GET something. But it's hilariously awesome to see how people take note of the little things that would light up your day when you're a giver.

I saw the Mom and Marky while tobogganing day.  She pointed me out and we had a cool non-screaming exchange and I got to thank them for my very cool Christmas gift that... came around.

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