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14 December 2012

My night at "The Joysey Lights" at the Glenhyrst Art Gallery

Tonight I took my family to Brantford's Glenhyrst Art Gallery for the first time.  I'd been there for events but the rest of my young family hadn't. Circumstance... and who knows maybe fate... landed this popular light show on the beautiful Glenhyrst grounds.  It's a jewel in the city that many don't even know about. When we drove up, it was like the end scene of Field of Dreams when the cars began showing up out of the blue.  I spoke with Glenhyst's Stan Gorecki tonight in the gallery and he was telling me that 60-70% of the visitors this week had never been there.  What a gift.

We all toured the art gallery. There was a wonderful soapstone carving called, "Last looked out."  I'm betting it's a reference to one of my favorite Christmas songs "Good King Wenceslas" As the kids admired it, with their limited attention spans, I told them the song-story of Czech Saint Wenceslaus the 1st, who was known for his generosity.

They tigger-bounced over to a photograph of a contemplative soldier with an accompanying scripture:

“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way  is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls."
Jer 6:16

We briefly talked about what she might be thinking this way.

Then our kids ran... awed... and enjoyed the lights together.

At the end of the night, we made our donation to Community Resource Services (The Brant Food Bank) because the night was free of charge.  It was one of those "Everybody Wins" nights.  I think there are more "Everyone Wins" partnerships waiting to be discovered in communities.

 I want to encourage you to get into your city.  Meet new people.  Go and taste-test a new area that comprises your city that you've never tried before. You'll gain a better appreciation and maybe it will spawn new partnership idea that will create a "Everyone Wins" situation for something YOU care about.  Be it church, arts, small business, social outreach, historical probing or community volunteering. Brantford is already culturally rich but becomes richer when we all participate and contribute.

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