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4 December 2012

The Christmas Carrol Sleigh of Love

"But more than these miracles above, good people, we need love"
Eddie Hinton

This weekend, a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs named Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend.  Then he got in his car and drove to his football stadium. He sought out his coach to tell him thanks for the chance he'd been given... and then he shot himself.  Right in front of the coach. 

It's a sick-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach story from every imaginable angle.  I have no grand stand or social commentary aside from to say that I hate that horrible things lurk in the hearts of man. 

I know that many (many who you know and come in contact with each day) FEEL an overcoming bleakness to life.  I don't pretend to know what provoked Jovan Belcher this weekend.... but I know it was something, "Not Good".  I over-simplistically ache that there needed to be love to triumph over... horrible.  The kind of horrible that might have been dissolved by love.

This is our world.  It is not a scary place though.  It was created in love by a loving God for man who He lovingly created in His image to mirror His character of love to each other by showing love actively.  THIS is our world.  And the actualization of this Holy paradigm is as simple as showing love.

All of the "Let's not give gifts at Christmas" AND the "Mindlessly giving expensive demanded gifts" AND the "Let's just give to the poor instead of each other" movements feel incomplete philosophically to me.  We have a culture where our neighbors (whom we're MANDATED to love) are starved to know that another human actually cares about their well-being. Although all these movements are well-meaning, they each somehow find a way to even remove thoughtfully considering each other from Christmas. Christ was a gift TO the world that the world "Didn't think it needed" either. But the gift was lavish, costly and thoughtful. Gifts aren't about the amount of money. They are about the intentionality of the giving.  Truthfully I don't even like getting gifts, but when someone goes out of their way do something they know will make me smile... it's like infusing me with a booster shot of love.  And love is fuel to breed MORE love.

Begin to council grown North American adult people and you'll find MANY walk through life feeling unappreciated, unthoughtof and lonely. What a tragedy that on Christmas we all too often say, "I'm ALSO not thinking about you today." 

If tangible gifts, or "acts of kindness", or meeting a "felt need" isn't impactful... then our Kindness Project would be a pointless endeavor.  I've seen the offer of a burger (and not even a GOOD burger) reduce a grown man to tears because another human was just THERE thinking about him tangibly in some small way.

I asked God to speak to me this year about how I could practically show my family how much I love them.  I want them to know... desperately. I pray that my busy schedule and fleshly imperfect attitudes aren't being used to rob them of the assurance of their father's (and husband's) love and stability... OFTEN.    

God said, "The Christmas Carrol Sleigh of Love" Dave.  I found the perfect decorative sleigh and even used power tools and paint (not an oft-said phrase for me) to make a sign for the back.  Every morning there is an individualized Christmas card waiting for each of Krissy, Jared, Aislin and Brianna.  Inside I tell them one reason why I love them.  By Christmas morning, they will each have a collection of 25 reasons why I love them.  Aislin, my mushy-hearted daughter, has told me that this is her favorite gift she's ever gotten and I've already caught her reading her love-stack on her bed.  I can almost physically see the words filling her self-worth, confidence and increasing her capacity to reciprocally share love with others.  

Today's blog is overly-simplistic, entirely idealistic and will sound like a schmaltz cliche to some.  But love someone today.  Be generous and thoughtful to each other this Christmas. You have no idea what showing another person out-of-your-way love might do in their life.  It might just save their life. 
“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
Anne Frank

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