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31 January 2013

Saturday February 1st 2003, 5:59am

Tomorrow... my oldest son Jared turns 10. I can barely believe it's been a decade of being a parent.  I woke up early on "birth day" before our scheduled inducing and wrote this sitting at my desk... in a life that feels a lifetime ago: 


"When we went to sleep last night, it was just 2. When I come home tonight, I will have seen my baby boy. How will my life change? I don’t know. Will I feel any different tonight than I did yesterday? I don’t know.

Sometimes I play chicken with the alarm clock. I’ll wake up half an hour before I need to and stare at the clock. Sometimes I just don’t want to have to get out of bed. Most of the time it’s because my bed is just too comfortable and there’s no telling what the day is about to bring. But it also used to happen on Christmas morning. The excitement and anticipation was just too much.

This morning is one that’s totally different. The night before Krissy and I moved out of our 1st apartment and left for Africa, we looked at each and other and knew that there was no turning back. No matter what happened, our lives were going to be different. We were nervous but excited. As we walked down the runway to get on the airplane, we knew that God was with us and it didn’t really matter that we didn’t know what we were getting into because he did.

By the end of today, I am going to meet Jared Abraham Carrol for the very 1st time. It’s 5:59 in the morning and the clock is about to ring. That obnoxious sound is going to tell me that my life is going to change forever. It is the last minute that we are going to be 2 of in this house. The next time I crawl into my warm bed, God is going to have juiced my heart full of love for another one of his creations. I’m scared. I’m scared of the unknown. I’m nervous. Because I know that every time that life changes, it can hurt a little. But I’m filled with an overwhelming joy. Because I know that this more than any year of my life,2 will bring change.

God… I commit my life to you. In this final moment of stale, I want to let you know that I embrace the Freshness that you’re bringing into my life. You had your hand on my life through the easy and the hard times. And I know that Jared is yours, not mine. God, protect him, comfort him, and teach him so that “when he old, he will not depart from you”. I acknowledge that you are potter and I am the clay”. Lord mould me into the person you need me to be, and where you lead my Lord I will follow. 6:00am 

Then at 1:17... this happened.   

I was right.  The next 10 years has not been even remotely the same.  They've been better. 

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