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26 March 2013

Captain Kindness was an anorexic teenage bully

 My article appearing in the upcoming April edition of The Brant Advocate

I went through a long period of life not liking myself very much. I was the fatish kid. Not the grotesquely obese, sweat through my t-shirt on the walk to school kid... but the kid who had man boobs so hated being "skins" in gym class kid.  And poking fun at yourself is easier than hearing others poking fun at you. In the long run, it doesn't hurt any less... you can just control it. As an act of desperate rebellion (ironically) I decided the best course of action was anorexia, good grades and straight-laced. Figured I’d already tried man boobs... and overall LIFESTYLE boobery.  So for about a year of life, I ate ice cubes for dinner, did my homework and played nice with others. From my 9th Grade student card photo to my 10th Grade student card photo, you'll over a nearly a hundred pound differential.  

If you’ve seen my double chin lately, you’ll know that I’ve recovered.  I was at my friend's house one night and had just finished watching an episode of Cheers when his mom asked me if I wanted a brownie.  I said that I'd prefer a glass of ice.  She placed herself between me and her fridge and said firmly, "Dave.  Eat this."  I ate a brownie and haven't stopped since. In fact I had 3 before Seinfeld came on at 9:30!  Just like that I was good 'ole Dave again.  I decided pretty quickly that I kinda liked the old Dave better anyway.  He ate more and laughed a lot.  Problem was that Dave version 3.0 had let himself get far more jaded than I had ever expected to be and I liked myself even less than ever.

My "comedy" took a very focused, intentional, ugly turn.  Instead doing my homework, at night I'd spend my time strategically analyzing people's personalities and identifying their areas of personal vulnerability.  Wherever they were hypocritical and full of crap, I'd  prepare material for class the next day with the sole intention of attacking that weakness with a mean spirited, verbal, comedic barrage that they'd have no answer to. I'm talking "Grade A” material too. I was GOOD at this. I still am if I choose to be.  I'd go hard, strong and public until I achieved my goal... tears.  I used to be very proud that I could reduce even the heartiest soul to tears should I choose to.  Especially Christians.  They were the easiest because I had insider information. I knew what they were supposed to be, and I knew what they actually were. The secret was to have so many other people laughing with me that my point would win the public perception game.  

But I broke.  Because man can’t keep a game like this up for long. There is too much good inside of people. One day I found myself crying in history class during my 6th year of high school. This was not something that I made regular practice of.  A girl, who I recognized from my brother's church youth group, turned around and saw me in my sorry state.  She was wearing blue sweatpants and a big woolly sweater. She looked at me with a pregnant pause, as if deciding whether or not to jump off a tall cliff into rough waters or not. Then she said asked me something that I didn't recall anyone ever asking me.  She mouthed the words, "do you wanna talk?"  I had no good reason to say yes.... but I did.  Because I DID need to talk.  

So we talked. For nearly a month, this very patient girl who seemingly had a new wool sweater every day, let me spew out every sort of venomous thought that rolled through my mind (and a few extras just to see how she'd react). It was messy but she didn't stop letting me talk.  It was weird quite frankly. Christian AND Cute AND Normal???  We had gone to school together for 5 years and had never noticed each other.  We were from very different social circles and had very little in common... but different something was up.

One day the talking stopped.  Miss Woolly Sweaters decided that enough was enough. She saw Mr. Omnipotent in the room just as clearly as I did and He was asking her some serious questions too.  After listening to my venom for about 10 minutes over the phone one night she said, "Dave it's time for you to choose. Are you going to let God help free you... or not?  There’s nothing more I can do.” So THIS was how it was going to be.  And she was right. I wanted her, but I wanted Him more.  Two weeks later, I said yes to Mr. Omnipotent.  He smiled and hugged me back.  Miss Woolly Sweaters was sitting right beside me crying unrestricted tears along with me. Without having to say a word, we knew that we were "together" forever.  We went home that night with red puffy eyes and each other’s snot on our shoulders. 3 years later we stood at the altar.  15 years after that we have 3 kids.  

Today, many people know me as Captain Kindness. It’s privately a terrific irony to me.  But more than that, it’s a transformational testimony that points to the fact that no man is beyond redemption in God’s eyes.  Most of our negative actions and thoughts are simply a result of us not seeing ourselves how God sees us.  It manifests itself in lots of different ways and often hurts more than just ourselves.  But it’s base... is something inside us.  We all have things that lurk in the recesses of our souls. Think you’re the only one? Please. Get over yourself. We ALL have them.  Today I encourage you to find someone who will stand with you, bring it into the light, and allow it to heal.  It’s a life-changer. Trust me.

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K-MAN said...

Your story is a reflection of my own life growing up. I too was the class dummy, small and weak, I wanted so much to fit in with " the gang" that I would do anything. One day the leader of the gang in grade six came to me and said if I wanted to be part of them I had to let little stevie beat me up, pretend I was fitting but dont hurt little stevie or they would literally pound the ----out of me, so while the whole school watched I had to belittle myself and let stevie beat me up, bloody nose, tooth through the cheek etc. But I was in with them doing all kinds of errands buying pot and booze( cause I was older and failed a couple grades to fit in), all through the grade school I was in with the bullies, Grade nine was different we will learn THE REST OF THE STORY ANOTHER TIME.

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