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3 April 2013

Like Jesus does

The "couldn't get it out of my head if I tried" song ringing inside me these days is Eric Church's Like Jesus Does.  It's a love song... because it's a grace song.  On level one, there aren't many songs I've heard that describe what I'd sing to my wife if I was able to write & sing songs.  But on level two, it's a picture of God's love for our glued-together, jigsawed selves. On level three... it's both mixed together.

I'm a long-gone Waylon song on vinyl,
I'm a backrow sinner at a tent revival,
But she believes in me like she believes her Bible,
And loves me like Jesus does.

I'm a left-foot-leaning on a souped-up Chevy,
I'm a good old boy, drinking whiskey and rye on the levee,
But she carries me when my sins make me heavy,
And loves me like Jesus does.

All the crazy in my dreams,
Both my broken wings,
Every single piece of everything I am,
Yeah, she knows the man I ain't,
She forgives me when I can't,
The devil, man, no, he don't stand a chance,
'Cause she loves me like Jesus does.

I always thought she'd give up on me one day,
Wash her hands of me, leave me staring down some runway,
But I thank God each night, and twice on Sunday,
That she loves me like Jesus does.

This song speaks to me because of  how my faith and my wife have always intermingled. As a good faith should be, its inseparable from our "real life" since it IS our real life. This song resonates because it speaks to the part in all of us that will always feel kinda fraud-like.  The part of us that is sure one day people will discover that we're actually NOT the "best of" montage we array for show on Facebook.  This song exposes the manufacturing defects and weathered parts of me, that ONLY my wife (and my God) even come close to knowing... and blankets them with love like Jesus does. 

Like Jesus does, my wife loves me into freedom and confidence. And like Jesus does, she easily identifies when it's not there... and graces me with patience and pull.  "Public Dave" is a great guy.  I like him too. But he's the makeup over the blemish.  Only the grace (Unmerited favor) of a good wife and a greater God can turn an ordinarily-weary, common man into something... just a bit more.

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