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20 May 2013

The Nest

I'm not terribly "naturey." It's creation and all (so that's impressive) but it's not the thing that typically captures my interest.  But this spring, a family of Robins have forcibly adopted the Carrol's.  At the risk of describing the excruciating minutia of life to you, I've found these Robins... fascinating.

A few weeks ago, I first noticed the nest over our back yard light.  Not wanting to have Robins in our yard being all "nesty" up in our business, I took the nest down.  That afternoon... the Robins retaliated.  Not once, but TWICE, we had Kamikaze-Robin attacks at our dining room window.  When the nest reappeared shortly after... it was message-received on my part.  She must have been great-with-egg because these four baby blues landed before we knew it.

The kids were excited.  It had been some time since we'd had new kids enter our domain. We checked day after day by sticking our ipod camera over the nest by sprawling out on the roof.  Then one day... this.

Ugly little things.  U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi ugly. But the kids were in awe. Babies in the house!  Well... outside of the house.  To see the parents go into parent-mode was where I got sucked into the story.  Mom and Dad working together.  Back and forth between our yard and the nest.  Worm after regurgitated worm.  These birds are working HARD.

One morning I was getting ready for work and I witnessed a squirrel try to make a sneak-attack at the nest to eat one of the babies.  Mom and Dad were PISSED. They chased and pecked that squirrel REPEATEDLY across the yard and continued up a neighbor's tree.  He would NOT return.

As of today, four bigger heads now poke their way out of the nest as they appear to be about to outgrow their first apartment in my yard.  I certainly hope to catch their flying lessons.

Bruce Cockburn's line, "Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight" keeps coming to mind.  Life is a fight.  Growth is a fight.  Protection is a fight.  Survival is a fight.   And it's worth it. And it's a beautiful thing.

Life will only be hard if we expect ease. 


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