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5 June 2013

The Carrol's are headed to camp

This weekend, I will be packing up our Toyota Sienna and taking my family north to Ontario Pioneer Camp in Huntsville. I'll blog about the experience here on Big Ear (as this is a weekend will be filled with a number of other Christian bloggers with young kids) along with sharing on my Facebook, Twitter (#pioneercamp is the hashtag for the weekend) and  Instagram. You should follow me!   

 There is a great excitement around the homestead while I personally reflect on the great irony it is for me. Truth be told...growing up I didn't like camp.  I disliked the idea of going away to camp SO MUCH that I actually used to jump off my roof, for funsies, hoping to twist my ankle to get get me out of it.  I know, I know. I'm a sad sad human. Eventually my parents relented and just let me play baseball all summer... which was my goal!  I wasn't much of a "participator."  See I was a Gen Xer in full force.  Thankfully, I'm now an older, more balanced Gen Xer!

My kids on the other hand... are SCREAMIN' participators and simply CANNOT wait to climb rock walls, do ropes course, jump in lakes and worship around a campfire.  My wife found Jesus at a Christian camp.  It was her refuge, it housed her support system, and even eventually employed her in the summers.  She KNOWS what a camp can mean to a kid.

Bruce Mann Director of Inter-Varsity Camping Ministry, who is on our leadership team at Freedom House, says this about those who run their many camps like OPC:

"These well-trained, skilled and friendly young adults are passionate about showing children that they are loved and accepted. They love welcoming campers back year after year and watching them discover that God has an extraordinary destiny for each one of them." 

As a parent who is looking for ways to open as many doors to my kids spiritual (and physical/emotional) prosperity as I can... that's a pretty incredible thing to find.  In fact, the head of our Freedom House Marked Generation Young Adult Ministry Amanda Myles will be leading worship this summer at OPC! 

So I'm excited to spend a weekend with my family, trying new things, and growing closer together.  We all feel like it's an adventure ahead and I'm thankful that Ontario Pioneer Camp has included The Carrol's in their blogging family T-Up weekend! 

June 22nd I will be walking in red high heels to support ending violence against women and girls. AND MY SON JARED WILL BE JOINING ME! Will you "stand in the gap" with us against domestic violence? Supporting Nova Vita makes a real difference in real lives and makes you a SUPERHERO! Click the pic of me in a dress to give! Jared and I thank you so much!


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