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11 June 2013

Why I walk in heels and put Mike Krukow stickers on my head

 On June 22nd for the 3rd year, I will be walking in high heels with other men in my community to stand in solidarity against domestic violence.  This year my son Jared (who is known around town as Kid Kindness) is joining his father.  And I am INCREDIBLY proud of him for AGAIN being an example of transformational GOOD.  Our goal is to raise $1000 dollars this year, and at the time of writing this, we're 70% there.  

Let me tell you why I do this.  

I'm a big fan of societal absurdities.  I have ALWAYS loved doing things that are socially askew as if they were normal and watching peoples reactions.  We're such intense creatures of habit! 

When I was a kid... Hostess Potato Chips produced a series of MLB Baseball stickers that they'd put inside their bags. When we'd take short breaks during our Brier Park never-ending summer tennis-court baseball experience, we'd got to Macs Milk to get Frosters and collect these stickers. 

Mike Krukow used to fascinate me for some reason.  On the back of his 1986 Topps baseball card (the ones with the wooden frame) they informed baseball geeks like me that he was nicknamed "The Polish Prince."  It always struck me as funny.  For no good reason.  I'm just... like that. 

So when I would go into the store, one summer I always wore this Mike Krukow sticker on my forehead.  I wouldn't speak of it and pretended as if everything was normal.  It brought me GREAT delight.  In fact seeing the sticker STILL does.  

The same is true when I look at pictures of my daughters putting makeup on my ugly mug... because people donated extra to Nova Vita to see it happen.  It's an organization that cares front-line for those who are the victims of domestic abuse.  I dig Men in Heels not only because it's an important issue and a worthy cause... but because even the fundraising gimmick (in part) IS a portion of the answer.  Men standing UP, and standing OUT makes other people stop to take a look at the societal absurdity and consider standing up too.

If you're a leader and you're not willing to make a jackass of yourself and dance the monkey dance for other people's freedom every now and again, you're probably not leading very well.

Today is a beautiful day in Brantford. Today everyone woke up with a fresh start. We all wake up equal with the hope that today can be a great day. Then external factors kick in that try to set us back. To some, going to school hungry is the issue. That’s an issue with a visible solution... and we SHOULD do something about it. And good people (including our One Church Network) are rising up to say "Not in My City."

But to some... they wake up in feeling trapped with no hope. They have no “I’m OK here” place to come home to, and it feels hopeless because domestic abuse is private. It comes with a great heaviness, burden and feeling like there isn’t anyone that can see inside their lives and walls that have now left them trapped.  


 A friend once asked me, "Isn't there a better way to support the end of domestic violence than to parade a bunch of men around in heels? David, nobody wants to see a guy like me in heels."  

And he was right... I don't.  But it WOULD make me stop because something was askew enough to ask questions. There is a better way. It's to have more people include zero domestic abuse tolerance in their own lives, their families lives and their neighbors lives.

Why does Men in Heels mean something? Because we are publicly giving notice as the strong and bold Brantford men in this city that we are making this an issue. Ladies in the city of Brantford who are feeling trapped and are loosing hope... PEOPLE IN THIS CITY CARE. You are not trapped. You are not alone. There is help and there is hope. 

Please give HERE today

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