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18 July 2013

Go and go and go and go some more

"I just don't sleep enough. But I have never met someone very successful who, at the end of their life, says 'I wish I slept more.'"
Robert Herjavec

"Nothing of any consequence was ever achieved without enormous passion and total dedication"
Robert Herjavec

There are moments in life where I wish  I didn't want out of life what I want out of it.  Those moments sometimes creep in during times where I have 2 weeks of evenings booked solidly, 4 project deadlines looming, and a growing collection of flagged emails to return.... none of which even pertain to my paid profession.  I look at think, "I've voluntarily done this to myself?? Ha!"  But those moments melt away as quick as an ice cube in yesterday's 40 degree sun... because of the reason why.

Recently someone actually asked me the question, "How's your soul?" simply because of how much I seemingly am doing.  My answer... is THRIVING.  My body gets tired.  My brain gets frazzled.  But my soul is rockin'.  This week I canceled a baseball trip that I wanted to go on... for a meeting.  The guys I was planning on going with said, "just ditch it" but the truth is that I would rather take the meeting.  Because it feeds the ravenous beast inside me that wants something tastier than a few innings and crappy nachos.

In 2003 I spent two weeks in The Philippines in, and around, Manilla.  During that time I met a man named Pastor Nonoy (pictured top left) who was our local escort from engagement to engagement. He was one of the most incredible people I'd ever met.  His ministry position within a denomination was to be the "trouble-shooting" pastor for churches that were going through tough times.  Essentially Nonoy was leading about 25 churches at once.  He would go and go and go and go and go some more AND be a good husband AND be a good father AND make time to guide Canadian missionaries around.  He CARED about all of it and gave ALL of himself to ALL of it.  It's a character trait I've seen in all of the men I truly respect in ministry.

One night I was preaching at a youth service in Valenzuela City which is just outside of Manilla.  I was bothered that night by the "What am I really doing here?" question. My trip was an act of obedience... doing something that wasn't on my list of productive things if I was honest.  We had JUST opened the doors of Freedom House, my newborn first son was about to crawl and we had no money!  But I got on a plane and went anyway... because God said to.

Pastor Nonoy looked at me during the worship practice and said, "David... I need to ask you a question.  What do you really want to see happen with your life?"  It was kinda out of the blue but I EXPLODED the answer back on him.  I said,

"I want to see a city transformed.  A whole city.  Transformed by the love of God.  I want to see businesses revived.  Churches full.  Streets paved.  Schools prospering. The sick healed. Poverty ended.  A FULL city transformed.  THAT'S what I want!"

I'd known this in my head for a few years, but that day... it EXPLODED into life. Pastor Nonoy wept with me and prayed with me at the evident breakthrough that had just happened.  I preached my guts out that night.  The beast was loosed. I don't think we get to pick what our beast is SUPPOSED to be be.  We are the gatekeepers of the beast however. We are the final word on what GETS to be our beast. We can decide whether it's a good beast or a bad beast. We can stoke the fire of whatever beast we choose...  BUT what we were ideally designed to have inside us... is not ours to decide. Callings are God's doing.  It's our job to dig until we find it, unearth it, unleash it and then LIVE it. 

I want to encourage you to dig up your beast. Find out what you really care about and go HARD at it realizing that it can, and likely will, cost you everything.  BUT in doing that, you'll find the real and full life that too many willingly forgo... because we like sleeping too much.

"Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it."
Luke 17:33

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