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31 July 2013

The story of the only person I've ever punched in the face

This is the story of the only person I've ever punched in the face. Baltimore. 1991. Old Memorial Stadium.  After a weekend of Jays vs Orioles baseball, following the team around a mall (see John Olerud), and getting my 90's home white hat fully signed... we took our seats in row 1... right field.  

The Jays were winning substantially over the historically bad O's. Each time Toronto did something good we'd stand, wave our hats in the air and taunt the angry east-coasters.  Then the Baltimore Orioles mascot came to visit.  He grabbed my freshly autographed hat and dangled it over the fence.  I was less than impressed.

I looked deep into his vacuous black bird eyes and said, "You give me my hat back right (expletive) now or I'll punch you right in the face."  He continued the mascot dance.  I, however, was not in the mood to dance.  I slugged him right in his large, over-sized, novelty beak much to the chagrin of the crab-cake eating crowds. The mascot took the high road at left as I danced around like Ali.

Two innings later, the mascot was riding an ATV behind the outfield wall throwing baseballs to kids.  I waved at him and beckoned for a ball.  What I did NOT get was a ball.  What I DID get the knowledge that mascots CAN use their fingers for more than high fives.

And THAT was the only person I've ever punched in the face. 

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