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16 August 2013

My week on the 700 Club

This week I've been a guest on the 700 Club Canada.  It's a little bit weird to say that, as the American version is a long-time Christian broadcasting stalwart. Shoot, I wrote extensively about it in my college thesis! I taped the shows a number of weeks in advance so I've been remembering what I said along with everyone else this week.

I've been in broadcasting (mostly IN FRONT of cameras and mics) in different capacities for 20 years, so this was far from a new or intimating experience. In fact, public communication is my "fish in water" place.  My Mom says I was born talking. But this WAS a little surreal. I don't really like the word surreal. It's overuse and misuse made it jump the shark a few years back I think.  But...it's a good word.

SURREAL: Having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic

On the first episode of the week during the middle of my discussion about worship, at one point I looked up and saw the words "700 Club" behind the head of Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson. I could almost literally feel a brief washover of surreal.  "Whoa... what the heck is going on here?  I'm the 700 Club?  What the?"  I babbled about something incoherent for 15 seconds or so until I regrouped and started making sense again.

The overreaching topic of the week was "Idols and Worship."  We talked about laying down US and lifting up GOD.  I talked quite a bit about Freedom House, the Kindness Project, and how serving one another as unto God transforms men, cities and nations.  It's surreal that I was considered interesting enough to talk to about these things, because I both:

  1. Have no REAL idea what I'm talking about
  2. Kinda DO now know what I'm talking about

1. Number one is because The Kingdom and the secrets of it are so vast, deep and rich. And I'm just a dude who wants to know more and experience it and manifest it more fully.  There is a marvelous verse in Proverbs 25:2 that says:

"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings" 

Interesting isn't it?  God WANTS us to dig and work at finding out more. It's not a slam dunk that we'll "get it" without searching it out intentionally.  So with this as the context, you can see how VITAL to our spiritual health it is to remain humble and abound in grace.

2. Number two is because I'm BLESSED that I've found a group of friends (and you're SO VERY welcome to be one of them too) at Freedom House who are willing to TOGETHER explore the depths of that Kingdom. We've looked dumb just as many times as we've looked good.  But we've learned a few things along the way... AND it's not about US looking good. It's about GOD looking good.  His NAME and FAME are the desire of our souls.

A big thank you to Brian Warren, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Jeff Stout and Todd Cantelon for inviting me to be a part of this great week. Here are the week of shows if you'd like to check them out.

Monday: Idols, Worship and the early days of Freedom House


Tuesday: Religious idols and the traps that are found within

Wednesday: The birth of Captain Kindness and "Why's" Freedom House's Kindness stuff like Flippin Friday.

Thursday: The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and serving and honoring OTHERS

Friday: Western cultural idols, William Wilberforce, Media... PLUS I tell about the day I met Krissy

Thanks for watching!

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