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23 August 2013

The Backroads of Ontario

Every year, my LOVELY Mother-in Law takes our kids for our anniversary week.  To celebrate 15 years of marriage we did something I've wanted to try for while.  We took our limited days and just... DROVE.  My goal was to drive along the Lake Erie Shore, head north along the Detroit River then continue up Lake St. Clair and finish along the shores of Lake Huron. I didn't want to see a major highway or town I've seen before.  We had a tent in the trunk, no reservations, and no set plans. Just adventure. We were just going to DRIVE and SEE and TRUST.

Ontario is a stunning and fertile province.   It's lush, filled with farmland, and while being the economic engineer of Canada... perspectively en masse, looks very little like the Golden Horseshoe that I spend my days living inside of.

Like I wrote about last year for our 14th anniversary, I don't vacation well. I have a hard time resting and like being "in touch." I'm always ready to be on the move. So we moved around.  Quickly, we stumbled across the Christian Campground where my wife, as a young, hurt, teenager found refuge with a youth group on a camping weekend.  She laughed remembering giggling at teenaged boy's boners in their sweat pants and how she discovered friendship outside of the destructive ones she felt trapped in.

We camped at Rondeau Provincial Park. We explored Point Pele and posed at the southern-most point in Canada.... which is at the same longitude of Barcelona Spain and Northern California. We dined low at converted double-decker buses that fried up fresh lake perch, and small businesses along shores hurting for roaming lunchers.  In every city I've ever been to... from Africa to Asia to the Caribbean to small-town-Ontario; the question that dominates my thoughts is "How could this community be transformed and revitalized?"  I ask every service worker, small business owner, Pronvicial Park attendant and gas jockey I can work the question into chit-chat without sound TOO weird. It healthily consumes me.

It was wonderful.  We were free.  Then...

... we hit the south-west shore of Lake St.Clair.  We hit underdeveloped shoreline roads and an 0 for 3 on finding a camping spot we thought existed on a 20 year old map. We got hungry.  We started thinking about the idea of having to sleep in our van by the shore of an unfamiliar lake; and we turtled.   We headed backwards on the main roads to Chatham to crash at the Travelodge. We did have a great night, followed by a great anniversary day... but it wasn't the COMPLETE adventure that it could of have been. 

So I stopped to think.  Our journey in life SHOULD contain unknowns, but our flesh repels the entire idea of unassurances.  We fell into safety's trap EVEN when we were intentionally trying not too.  Our bellies began to growl, our bodies longed for "soft." Our minds and souls overtook our spirits. God was gracious to bless us with a lovely time... but after a night of comfort instead of risk, the final day's adventure no longer existed in time and space.

Tomorrow's discoveries are entirely predicated on today's obedience.

There is no one I'd rather adventure, discover AND fail together with than Krissy.  We've traveled the world together and explored the depth of our culture together.  We're ONE and we've BEEN ONE for 15 years now.  Next time we try this, we're going to go further out on a limb together. She's the only who actually KNOWS me.   She's been with me at my lowest and most embarrassing, and still honors me by calling me husband.

Life is a series of failures.   Successes too... but frankly... we fail more. Don't buy the guru-schlock.  We've ALWAYS got to be willing to get up and go again, because falling short is a most-of-the-time proposition.  Last year's vacation was crappy.  This year's was BETTER. Next year, we might become Algonquin explorers and conquer even NEWER ground together. Maybe.

Today my prayer is, "God bless the beautiful province of Ontario that we were privileged to have experienced more of this week.  And God bless my wife, whom I love."  

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