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7 May 2015

I Believe

I believe in guttural rock n' roll love songs, sung full-on from the midsection.
I believe you should be suspicious of men who shave everyday.
I believe that we shouldn't depend the government to take care of people.
I believe that cream and sugar cheapen God's gift of the coffee bean in scalding water.
I believe that baseball is the most perfect pastime that humans have come up with.
I believe in staring silently into space.
I believe in musty rooms with old leather chairs.
I believe in sucking it up.
I believe in thinking about your wife during business meetings with an unseen ferociousness.
I believe in men who sacrifice themselves, wishing it didn't have to be so, but knowing it must be done.
I believe in leaving some blood and that strip of fat on your steak.
I believe in putting others above yourself.
I believe that shoes don't make the man.
I believe that being kind is like a superpower.
I believe that flowers are beautiful.
I believe that it's worth paying to see a great concert.
I believe in keeping that mischievous glint in your eyes.
I believe in a maintaining a certain degree of contempt for broken systems while engrossing yourself mending their holes.
I believe that fishing ruins a good sit by a lake.
I believe in open-air grass ballparks even in the rain.
I believe in getting up and taking your family to Church on Sunday.
I believe in saying and showing "I love you" to your kids as many times as a day allows.
I believe in being ridiculous.
I believe in being serious.
I believe sex was designed for marriage and then to be had often as possible.
I believe in harsh drinks that make you wince ... and learning not to.
I believe listening to at least one Springsteen song a day helps a man's sanity.
I believe in God; maker of heaven and earth.

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