Writer, Church leader, Eccentric Nut, Marketer

I'm Church Leader, Writer, Speaker, Marketer, Kindness Project Founder, Broadcaster and Superhero. But most important I'm a Husband, Father and a worshiper of Jesus.

About Dave

Hi I'm Dave Carrol.  I'm 38 years old and have been married to my wife Krissy for 16 years.  We're also are the proud parents of 3 wonderful kids.

I get to help lead one of the most amazing churches on the planet called Freedom House in Brantford Ontario Canada. It's a Ministry Center in the heart of Downtown Brantford full of believers who passionately pursue God... with a dream and a team committed to seeing our city holistically transformed BY good INTO good.

We've developed a "Kindness Project" in Brantford and I play the role of CAPTAIN KINDNESS, a local superhero on a mission to see cities transformed with strategic, intentional, coordinated kindness. In 2012 I received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for my community work

 In my professional life I'm a broadcaster, writer, marketer and advertiser, having won the 2013 Silver Crystal Award for the 2nd best radio campaign across Canada.

Email me bigearcreations@gmail.com if you'd like to have me be a part of your event, speak at your church or help develop a marketing strategy. Hook me up on Facebook here, Twitter here, or Instagram here.

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